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Strategy Guide|10. Aug 2017

Ultimate Brawl Stars Strategies

The reason why so many people play Brawl Stars is that the game is extremely interesting. It’s fun to play, with excitements hiding around every corner. Still, this doesn’t mean that playing Brawl Stars is easy. Actually, it’s just the opposite! Each character in the game has its own powers and weaknesses, not to mention that you also need to find a suitable weapon for them. All of this means that there are a huge number of possibilities, so it’s difficult to find one that will take you to a whole new level.

But, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find the right way to boost your Brawl Stars profile. There are some tactics that can help you improve your play. So, with no further ado, here are the best Brawl Stars fighting strategies you should start implementing straight away!

Strategy Guide|9. Aug 2017

Hide behind Obstacles in Smash & Grab Games

If you think that obstacles are there just to make your brawler’s task more difficult, you are being very wrong. The obstacles like mushrooms and rocks can keep you safe from your enemies, as they can’t shoot through them.

Sometimes, the key to winning a battle is to team up. Certain tank brawlers are hard to take down, so you can’t expect to destroy them on your own. In fact, if you tried attacking a character like Bull or El Primo, you’d end up wasting your time and energy, without getting any results. But, if you attack them together with your allies, you have every right to expect a victory.

Strategy Guide|8. Aug 2017

Know when it's fleeing time

Brawl Stars battles are not just about fighting. Sometimes, it’s better to run and hide. We advise you to do that as soon as you collect enough crystals (10 minimum). If you manage to hold onto them for 16 seconds, the victory is yours!

If the roles are reversed, that is, if your enemies have the crystals, you need to go full-attack. If they’ve collected all 10 crystals, you won’t have too much time. In that case, you need to react as soon as possible and attack the character that’s in the possession of the crystals!

Strategy Guide|7. Aug 2017

Attack the Character with the Most Crystals

The key to winning the battles might be in preventing your opponents to get ahold of the crystals. One of the best Brawl Stars fighting strategies might be to attack the enemy that has the most crystals. You need to focus only on that character, even if that meant disregarding the other enemies.

These are just some of many Brawl Stars fighting strategies that can help you win in a Smash & Grab game. Still, there’s nothing that can guarantee you a complete success. But, you can improve your odds of winning every battle by getting more resources, such as Gems, for example. In order to get them, you can pay real cash and make an in-app purchase. But, there’s a better alternative, which is not only free but also extremely safe. We’re talking about using our Generator!

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